Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th • Conesus Lake... Lake of Fire

Here's to being able to celebrate our Freedom! Thank you to all who help us keep it!!

We are once again in the Finger Lake's Region of Western NY. July 3rd is the big celebration on Conesus Lake. Here's some sights and sounds.....

At 10 pm everyone around the lake lights flares... thus, Lake of Fire. It truly is a magical sight. Fireworks are going off everywhere, the shore line is aglow with orange. The police long ago decided it wasn't worth their effort to chase down all the firework offenders. It always amazes me how much $$ goes up in smoke. Sure is fun though :)

And a bit of live action directly across the lake:


Safe celebrations and travels to all!


  1. beautiful fireworks. They are much better than mine, today which were taken with my phone, the only thing available. That bottom still photo of yours looks like a giant sparkler

  2. Also are you actually in Bluffton? I hope you had a chance to run into my daughter-in-law's interesting cousin, Michele Rolden-Shaw. She may have recently left Blufton, but for awhile she lived there writing Low-Country stories in her hand written & copied "Zine" She is very talented and quite a character.

  3. I love your nighttime paintings! Sounds like it was a glorious sight!

  4. Thanks, Nellie! Yes, Bluffton is our home base, but we're currently in western NY. I've not had the pleasure of meeting Michele yet, but have seen her name in lots of places. She's quite a talent!

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth! It was a fun night and over way too quickly!

  6. Beautiful images and artwork! Enjoy your time in NY!

  7. Thanks, Laure! We're having lovely weather. Sun, mid 80's and best of all only 35% humidity!! Sorry, I know you are melting... me too in a little bit!