Monday, February 15, 2021

Braving the Cold and Wet to Sketch


North side of the Promenade in Old Town Bluffton

Saturday was our local SketchCrawl.  The lowcountry is experiencing a spell of cold, raw, rainy days.  What can I say... It's February. While the native flora is waking up and confirming spring is around the corner, the weather still celebrates every bit of winter that it can throw our way.  Thankfully no snow yet!

I have flannel lined pants and and a well insulated winter coat that only come out on the thankfully few cold, raw days we can have.  They serve me well each time I brave the elements.  After living here for 15 years, I've turned into a bit of a cold weather wuss.  My New England family and friends would gasp at the clothing I layer on for 40 degree weather!  We can always tell when the snowbirds visit the lowcountry.  Heck, to them this is 'shorts and flip flops' weather!

There was a break in the rain when I arrived to sketch.  A green runs between the shops on the Promenade.  I made my way to the center and twirled around to see what would catch my eye to sketch.  I kept coming back to the north view.  But, I'd have to sit facing into the north wind - ugh.  One more spin around.  Nope, there will be no back-to-the-wind sitting today.  Not to mention sketching buildings and vehicles are already a challenge for me.  Why not!  I do love and am addicted to sketching live.  Especially en plein air!  Bring it on!

Here's my view and what I managed to sketch with pencil and then ink in before the rain started to get serious again.   Watercolor was added in the warm comfort of home.  Every grateful for home.

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sharing the Love

My wish for you..
May love and harmony always be with you.

Created in the ProCreate App.  I highly recommend trying ProCreate out.
Such a great art tool to have in your quiver!


Monday, February 1, 2021

SC Lowcounty Native Plants - A Surprise Gift!

Lowcountry Native Plants in Pot Decorated with River Birch Bark

A couple of weeks ago, I received a lovely, heartfelt gift from my dear friend, Karl.  We shared an office at work for over 10 years.  He's the Landscape Ecologist for Spring Island.  Such a gifted soul. The pot is filled with wild ginger, atamasco lily, partridge berry, ebony spleenwort, bark with resurrection fern and lichen, spotted trillium and a tender American holly he nurtured from seed.  All with a backdrop of American beach stems with dried autumn leaves.  He even included the seed pods from the beech tree.  All but the spotted trillium come from Karl's home.  

It will be a few weeks before I can plant these native beauties in our back wooded area.  Even though they are cold hardy, I'd rather give them cool instead of cold nights in the ground after transplanting. In the meantime I hope to do studies of each plant.  The spotted trillium is close to blooming.  It's such a beautiful plant!

I tried a couple of times to draw this pot of goodies while sitting rather close to it.  I couldn't get the height of the beech stems and leaves, though.  Then a few days later the pot caught my eye as I passed the family room windows that look out onto our porch where the pot is located.  Oh, la,la!  This was the view I needed.  I couldn't wait to to set up my sketching easel!

Finally, the right view to do justice to Karl's beautiful arrangement!  Plus, the way the afternoon sunlight hit the beech leaves...  They seemed to glow with gold.  Happy camper!

My Stillman & Birn Alpha Journal - one of my favorite illustrated journals
that's filled with very special memories.

Happy February!  This is the month when the lowcountry begins to wake.  I've already noticed that the red maple tree buds are getting larger.  Warmer days will help yellow jessamine to bloom.  The new shoots of spartina are already about a foot high... Spring is on it's way!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2021

For the Love of Feeder Birds

Drawn from images taken with my iPhone came held up to my birding scope.

We've had a run of cold, raw, grey days with just a day or two of sunshine in between - highly unusual.  I've lived in the lowcountry long enough to have become quite used to having a lot of sunshine all year long.  How quickly the winter blues can take hold after three consecutive days of grey!

I've lived in areas of our country that have had perhaps 60 days of sunshine out of 365.  That's a lot of grey!  Fall and winter were especially tough on the soul.  That's when journaling about waterfowl, raptor and songbird sightings became an important activity for me.  Doing so actually chased away the winter depression.  Nature and art are such good medicine!

Quick sketches from life using a ballpoint pen.

Monday, January 11, 2021

January Bluffton SketchCrawl / Wright Family Park

I love crisp mornings when my clothing is properly layered.  Saturday was such a morning.  The sun was getting stronger, pushing the cloud cover away and the breeze off the May River was at my back.  With a sketchbook in my lap, I began to sketch the entrance arch to the newly opened Wright Family Park.  

As I sketched with my brown pen, I took in the atmosphere around me.  Folks walking dogs, some just out for a stroll.  Blufftonians and tourists alike.  After the trauma in Washington this week, it seemed everyone was enjoying the respite.  I know I sure was.  It's not the first time that immersing myself into making marks and then throwing some paint on a page in my journal has soothed my soul.

I invite you to start a journal of your own.
Soon I'll be offering online classes in the joy of making marks and splashing paint.
Interested in learning more?  Just hit the 'Contact Pam' link in the righthand column under 
Workshop Information and share your email with me.  

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Farewell 2020 / Welcome 2021


How do you find yourself feeling at the turn of the year?  

I'm walking the line between the hope of new beginnings and feeling spent.  There is beauty to be found in both.  I choose to key my senses to the blessings and everyday beauty that surround us. 
It's there... no matter how small some days.  

Thank you for tuning in and following along. 
More art and new ways of sharing art techniques will be coming your way.

Sending love, and wishes for a healthy and happy 2021 to you!

Drop me a line.  Let me know what art technique you'd like learn.  

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Great Blue Hunting

Such a nice treat to see 'Blue' hunting as I pulled in to work.  Blue was in stealth mode and paid no attention to my car as I parked less than 50 feet away.  So intent was he/she, that not a muscle twitched as I put the car into park and reached my arm between the seat and door to the floor behind me where my purse with a 3x5 Stillman & Birn Alpha Journal lay.  I was able to sketch the entire scene in a black sharpie before this beautiful wading bird even canted its head in a different direction!  Thank you Blue, for holding until I could capture you on paper!

Friday, December 25, 2020

Merry Christmas!

Hugs to you on this Christmas day!
My prayers are for peace, harmony and putting our best selves forward... no matter our circumstances.
I know we've all had more than enough.  But with our single strengths, we'll hold each other up and be able to continue on - and, bigger and brighter we will be!  Thank you for hanging in with me!

This sweet tree lives!  I pass it every work day.  Soon it will loose its leaves.  In the spring I love watching it wake up.  In the summer, its tender lacy green leaves droop after it rains, making it look even more magical.  The trees around it all have gnome holes.  This little stretch of road holds a sense of magic for me.  I love imagining the secret lives that unfold here.
The artwork was created in the Procreate app on my iPad.  A very fun tool to have in the art supply quiver!


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Night Painting: The Jupiter / Saturn Celestial Event


It was a grand evening for painting plein air!  In between waiting for layers to dry, I'd look at Jupiter and Saturn through my birding scope.  Very cool!  Got to see three of Jupiter's moons and the rings of Saturn.
I'll be creating a journal page with these details.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Reportage illustration

 An annual Holiday Employee Appreciation Party re-imagined by amazing members of the private community of Spring Island.  A staggered drive-thru for each department. Insulated bags filled with goodies including the choice of ham or turkey for Christmas dinner. The view from my Art Barn office window.

Love live sketching!  I’m celebrating my 10th year as Visual Arts Director!