Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dog Walk Nature Delights

This week the dogs and I visited a walking trail, in our neighborhood, that has a boardwalk through a swamp.  It is not a long trail but I nearly always get to see some form of wildlife.  Days are busy and I must multi-task if you will.  The majority of my nature walks involve my hands holding two flexi leashes.  Binoculars are out of the question - I long ago gave that up.  But, I can take along my little Nikon Coolpix digital camera.  Between my trained eye for observation and, when possible, a reference photo I can pretty well recreate the wonders of the day. 

Back to my story.......  We were about 20 steps onto the boardwalk, being quiet as always, when 2 Green Herons flew up out of the cattails and fallen trees.  They were perturbed, I apologized.  They are good sized when they stretch their neck out.  I especially like the bad hair day they get when their making a point.

A little farther down the boardwalk the dogs started pulling and heading for the side rails.  There must be deer!  I swear, the dogs would jump off the boardwalk and into the water (which they hate) and chase the deer if they could - chase or frolic,  I'm not sure as they love to be around horses.  I settled them down.  We were able to see 3 white tail deer :)  We observed them for a few minutes, then a deer that was very close to us decided to bolt.  Well, that stirred up all kinds of sights!  Mr. & Mrs. Wood Duck and 2 Wood Storks!  Various song birds too but they were too quick for my eye.   What a wild walk we had.  I'm still smiling about the sights :)

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  1. I live in Seattle and a have a sister that lives in Bluffton. She has taken me on some beautiful walks in your area. Are there any open blogs groups about nature...hiking/ kayaking...