Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet Fetterbush!

Back in April, when I was in the midst of Master Naturalist study, I discovered a new plant - well, new to me :)
The dogs and I were on an afternoon walk around our neighborhood. Our female, Grizzie, has a favorite 15' wide swatch of grass, at an end of a cul-de-dac, just before an area of woods. I stand in the street, waiting for her to do her thing, and look at the vegetation. Low and behold I noticed a lovely, low growing, shrub type plant with pretty flowers. Luckily, it was on the edge of the woods and I was able to clip off an end of a branch. The challenge was to find a pocket that wouldn't crush it, and sorry to say...... remembering it once I got home from the dog walk! I'm happy to say that once home, I remembered to take it out of my pocket and put it in a zip lock bag with a few drops of water.

The zip lock bag trick is a great way to put off today what you can do tomorrow! But, you must also clear space in the frig to store your goodie! My husband, Rob, sometimes has to trash through many bags of plants to find his favorite jelly!

It was 4 weeks before I had the opportunity to sketch my Fetterbush 'find' into my journal. Yes, the sample lasted this long! However, once the flowers were exposed to the air for an hour, they began to turn brown. I had viewed my sample so many times during those 4 weeks that I had their coloring down cold :)

Now, I'm looking forward to viewing seasonal changes to the Fetterbush. Nature is so fun!

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