Monday, June 9, 2008

Golf & Nature Journaling!

One doesn't have to stick to nature walks to gather journaling material! Keep in mind, journaling is therapeutic. If you know you're going to be in a situation that can raise stress levels (for me, it's my golf game), bring along your journal!

I have been trying to play golf for over 25 years. Every now and then, I flirt with shooting 100 but, for the most part, I'm sorry to say, my score varies between 110 to 120............. That means I see a lot of each course we play......... And, my rule for sand traps is 2 tries and then I pull out the always reliable 'hand wedge.'

However, over the last 2 years, I've improved. I attribute it to three things. 1. I finally remembered to buy a small 5"x5" journal and keep it and a pencil case full of my journaling supplies in my golf bag, 2. Last year, my love purchased me a mini pair of folding binoculars that are also kept in my bag, and 3. This year, I finally found a driver I can hit (Ping - Lady Rhapsody).

I started my golf journal in January of 2007. Each time we play a course, I find something of interest that captures our time spent there. I draw while Rob and other men, we are usually teamed up with, are teeing off. I've learned how to observe and draw very quickly! Once the image is down, I'll spend the next few holes adding color and other notes of interest. It takes my mind off recent bad shots and soothes my soul :)

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