Thursday, June 5, 2008

Let me introduce....

I keep mentioning my husband, Rob, and the dogs....  Thought it would be nice to introduce y'all :)  The four of us love to hit the trails as often as possible.  Our dogs, Dudley (L) and Grizz (R) are Basenjis.  Sweet as can be but, like I tell everyone, they are not really dogs. They're reincarnated humans with a definite idea on how life should be lived.  Basically, Rob and I are owned and very well trained humans.

Their idea of a walk through the woods is if the trail is manicured.  Concrete, tar, mulch and wood boardwalks work real well.  They're not fond of stones, though.  Even our daily walks around our neighborhood must never follow the same direction.  Luckily we have 4 versions to choose from when we leave the house.  They pick the direction as soon as we leave the driveway :)

They are nine.  Grizz went blind last fall.  Sudden Acute Retinal Failure (SARDS).  We were crushed as her favorite thing to do is watch everything.  We call her the "amazin' raisin" because she does things that you wouldn't think a blind dog could do.  She heard a squirrel in the woods the other day and bolted after it!!!!!  Luckily she's always on a leash.  Grizz has no fear.  You can't tell she's blind when we are outside.  Inside, she'll still run into a few things but, usually if there's food involved.  She gets too excited to concentrate!

Our Dudley is my little boy, always checking on me and has separation anxiety when I leave the house for any length of time.  Well, I could go on and on but, I really just wanted you to have a visual.

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