Friday, June 27, 2008

Loblolly Bay

When visiting Honey Horn Plantation last week, I noticed a pretty flowering tree. It was labeled Loblolly Bay Gordonia lasianthus. The name stuck with me as I only associated the name 'Loblolly' with pine trees. It's a native tree. One, I decided, that would be great to find in the wild.

As I entered my neighborhood the other day, I glanced to the left in time to see a large specimen in bloom! I turned around and parked off to the side. The branches were low enough to the ground that I could cut a small sample to paint from.

I've noticed this tree from time to time. It suffered damage during construction of our neighborhood gate. The trunk had been compromised about 15' up from the ground and the top of the tree bends unnaturally over. And now, despite mans carelessness, it blooms in full glory. This tree has won my heart forever!

I only stepped off the curbing for a minute to get the cutting.  I stood on pine straw between some landscape grass plantings and by the time I made it home (only a mile away), I could tell that the chiggers had attacked! 3 bites! I put a diluted bleach mixture on each bite (always mixed and on hand). I was 66% successful but, the bite on my Achillies tendon is a mess! I hate these little bugs!!!

Please click the image to able to read my notes.

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