Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wildflower Finds IV

Pretty in pink :)  

The Common marsh-pink has striking center coloration.  You really need to get up close to see it though. The Rose purslan flower is the most wonderful shade of magenta.  They catch your eye even though the flower is quite small and close to the ground.

Another pink flower in bloom, in my neighborhood, is the Awned meadow-beauty, Rhexia aristosa Britton.  If I have time, I'll include it along with another butterfly pea 'Spurred butterfly pea' Centrosema virginianum (Linnaeus) Benth. 

Perhaps one of these days, I'll get to create the page on my 'lifer' wildflower I saw way back in the first few weeks of July! But, I'm not complaining - commission jobs are paying the bills :)  So many wildflowers, so little time. . . .

I feel so blessed by all the beauty that surrounds me, but so sad about the low country's fate. Development is out of control........ I'll save this issue for another posting. 

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