Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nature Journaling Expanded Workshop

I had three students for my inaugural Nature Journaling Expanded Workshop at the Society of Bluffton Artist's Gallery (SOBA).
What fun we had!

We began by creating custom journals that included covering two boards, cutting down full sheets of watercolor paper and punching holes so we could assemble our books. Learning page design elements was next, then we moved onto the basic techniques of calligraphy. They practiced italics with #2 and #4 brushes and with tape nibs using gouache paint. Then Kate, Sharon and Marilyn learned how to build type fonts by hand and adding color as needed. I use this technique a lot when I create my own journal pages.

We continued calligraphy practice on day two. Then it was time to put new ideas to work. Assignment: create a journal page around specimen insects that I handed out: dragon fly, moth & butterfly. Identify the insects by using a guide book, design the journal page, create a calligraphic title , add informational body copy about the insect, then sign and date the page.

I can't get enough of teaching nature journaling! I love introducing techniques and then watching each person create their interpretations. Here are their journal pages. They worked real hard, I'm so proud of the results! (some said their eyes had a hard time focusing on their food at dinner time..... Oh no! Teacher overloaded students!) Make sure you click on this image to get a better view :)

Despite their tired eyes, come day three, we were all anxious to go out in-the-field and create another journal page. Luckily we didn't have to travel real far. About 10 steps away from SOBA's back door was a lovely Beauty-berry loaded with wonderful magenta berries - my favorite!

I did a watercolor pencil demo, then let Marilyn, Sharon & Kate get to work. Bruiser, a hound/shepherd mix came by for a visit. He's so cute and loving. Luckily he didn't have the 'wet dog' odor he was sporting the other day!

After lunch we covered how to paint clouds, practiced techniques for painting marsh grass, palmetto trees and spanish moss.
Whew! A full three days :)

Well, here it is, the graduation photo :) Thank you, Sharon, Kate & Marilyn! I so enjoyed our time together. Keep journaling!

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