Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Recent Low Country Observations

Well, life's been a tad crazy, busy lately!  September starts the fall season for my nature journaling workshops and local outdoor art festivals.  I've paintings to create, workshops to promote, teaching materials to gather and commission jobs to finish.  This leaves little time to draw in my journal, scan journal pages and post to the blog.  Usually, I will have one sleepless night every now and then and I get tons of work done.  Why hasn't this happened lately?? 

Time for nature observations has been narrowed down catching all I can while walking the dogs. Thank goodness we have dogs!!  There's no ignoring the great outdoors when you have them - no matter the weather!  Just one more reason to love them :)

The neighborhood Red-shouldered hawks have started to call again.  Haven't seen them yet, though.  The trees in the my neighborhood's wetland are starting to change color - seems early for the south.  Mocking birds are back to singing.  We have one that loves to sit on our neighbors roof and rattle off every birdsong melody known.  Then it will fly straight up about 10 feet, then back down and continue on with it's song.  I do love them.

The other day there was a family of crows harassing something.  I'm thinking hawk or owl. What a racket!  I was grilling dinner and the sound was tremendous.  There had to be at least twenty crows.  Then I saw a man walking down the sidewalk between my house and the woods where the crows were whooping it up.  Surely he would look in their direction........  Not! 
That always amazes me.  People have such blinders on.  Wake up!  Look around!  Amazing things are happening!  Sigh......

 A friend sent me a link to Planet Earth the Secret. Have a look.  I wish all peoples could see this.  Enjoy!  Peace to you and yours!

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