Monday, September 15, 2008

The time of the long shadows...

The romance of late summer evenings has arrived in the low country. Even though our day time highs are in the 90's, the early evenings cool right down. No haze remains from the heat and the warm yellow light of the setting sun is absolutely beautiful. It's the time of the long shadows.

This was my parents favorite time of evening. After the cows were milked and chores finished, we'd sometimes take a country road ride to the Dresser Hill Dairy Farm. It was a good size farm who's owners decided it would be a great spot to have a homemade ice cream stand. Folks from Dudley, Charlton, Southbridge, and other nearby rural areas would flock in. The ice cream was top shelf and the lines were long.

Now I too, hold this time of year and time of day close to my heart. Rob and I will take the dogs for their golf cart ride in a little bit. I will smile as I gaze upon the long shadows and will continue down my memory lane's journey :) Good evening!

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