Monday, December 1, 2008

My kind of snow....

This morning, I ran into Beaufort to drop off a painting for the member show at the Beaufort Art Association Gallery. It's a windy day, wsw winds from 15 to 25 mph. with temps in the low 50's. Along Rt. 170, I encountered a flurry of large white snow flakes - the kind that are perfect for catching on you tongue! What a beautiful sight! The sun was shinning, the sky blue, and snow flakes everywhere! Well........... OK, it wasn't really snow but, the flying seeds of the Sea Myrtle sure did make a fine imitation of snow flakes :) Like I say..... my kind of snow. I'm living in the right place :)


  1. Your way with words/art,Pam, have this homesick South Carolinian "hooked" and ... almost caught with this "snowflake" tale; your snowy Sea Myrtle turning out to be a showy female? Snow in Bluffton/Beaufort, South Carolina ... that would be something!