Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Peace to You and Yours!

I would like to share with you a poem my husband, Rob, wrote. His inspiration, his own childhood memories.....
Such love, such blessings.

May you have much love, peace and joy during this holiday season and always!
Pam & Rob

Home for the Holidays

Mama’s home cooking, her comforting voice,
and her loving touch
Dad’s quiet & gentle ways, his feelings conveyed
without words
Familiar holiday sounds filling our days, and
crackling warm fires lending a soft glow to our nights
Brothers and sisters, Aunts and Uncles
Friends of long-standing...and new ones, too
Neighbors, caroling at our door, their smiling
upturned faces brightened by the Christmas star
GrandMoms and GrandDads, some gone now,
but still so alive in our hearts
The smallest of gifts, handmade and filled with love,
that years from now will still draw warm smiles
and bittersweet tears
The sounds, the aromas, the warmth...
...memories of home
You ask me what I wish for you at Christmas?
All of this, and so much more...

R.T. Brickell ‘95

You may read more of Rob's work at StoryTeller - My Creative Fiction Muse

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