Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking a Break

We are starting to have warmer weather again. Thank goodness, as it's felt a lot like January in November and December! When Rob has a day off, we try to get in a golf game. Today was lovely. The low winter sun was diffused with clouds, making the golf balls easier to find among the fallen leaves. Last week was a real challenge as the leaf litter was reflecting the sun's rays, making our golf balls very difficult to see.

Hoards of Black Vultures were near the pond between the 2nd green and 3rd tee at Okatie Creek Golf Course. We had to drive through a few that were roosting on the cart path bridge. They were a bit put off that we golfers were in their way :)


  1. Love your journal page :) Happy you enjoyed a nice round/day of golf, and please give Grizzie a big birthday hug! Happy Birthday, Grizzie! Take care! Carla

  2. Thanks, Carla!
    Grizzie got your hug :) She's such a sweet dog. She and Dudley both know the 'birthday' word as something good to eat always comes on birth day :)