Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside! (more journal reflections)

Back in 1981, I was living in Littleton, MA. Frost patterns on the windows have always intrigued me. One of my bedroom windows faced east and I can remember this lovely, cold, January morning as the sun streamed through the window creating such beauty through the frost. Tooooo bad that you can't see the image that's in my memory from looking at this page.... It's beautiful!

I'm sure glad it doesn't get that cold here in SC :)


  1. Well this morning here in WNY it is exactly that cold. Every weed is encased in magic frost such that it gives the appearance of snow when it has not. Our upstairs windows needing to be replaced totally frost up with this cold weather. Balmy 6 degrees at first dog call- warmed up to 12 currently and they tell us by Thursday that 6 will be the high for the day. Aren't you glad you are now South?!

  2. Thanks for touching base, Quiltin' Mamma! We bounce back and forth from western NY to SC. Dearly love the Finger Lakes region. If only the snow didn't have to come with the cold and gray!

    The moon has been so bright here, the last couple of nights, that it reminded me of the bright nights with the moon and snow in NY. I remember the last winter we spent there we got to experience the 'magic frost.'