Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Breeding Plumage

The other day I saw a Great Egret with the beginnings of breeding plumage! Such a celebration to see these magnificent birds alive and well. To think they were once hunted and killed for their plumes for the millinery trade. Thank you, George Bird Grinnell for creating the Audubon Society in 1886 and for the group of women who started the Massachusetts Audubon Society in 1896. They boycotted clothing that used bird feathers! Our voices can be heard!

The day I made the above journal entry, I was in search of Great Egrets in breeding plumage. I went to Pinckney Island NWR and walked to Ibis Pond toting my spotting scope, Nikon coolpix camera, and journaling supplies. When I arrived, there wasn't an egret in sight. Common Moorhens were chattering away. They always make me smile. I walked around the right side of the pond, still nothing. Then, as I reach the far side, I spotted a Great Egret in the reeds. At last! I can set up shop and get this scope off of my shoulder - it gets heavy!

My initial view of the egret was at a weird angle but, I loved it. While my one eye was looking thru the spotting scope the other helped guide my hand with a modified contour sketch. The green of the bird's lores was amazing! Could I do them justice with the colors I had on hand? After my sketch was finished, I watched the bird a little longer, taking some digiscope photos. I chose to create this painting using a different body position that looked more believable. I'll always love my Quasimodo Egret sketch though :)

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