Monday, January 26, 2009

It's back............ The Osprey Webcam!

At last, Palmetto Electric has turned on it's Osprey Webcam for the 2009 season :) When you visit this site, make sure to click on the Osprey Gallery too. And, if you really get addicted..... there's a blog you can take part in. Happy virtual birding!


  1. wow. I admire your abilities to reproduce such great art on paper! seriously amazing. no problem in mentioning you!

    yes, peru has the largest variety of birds in the world or some odd trivial fact... :)

    thanks for sharing your work!
    Trujillo, Peru

  2. I love that sketch. The colors are so vibrant!

  3. When it's cold and there's snow, webcam is the way to go. How poetic!
    Love your blog and art.

  4. Thank you, Mike and Donna for checking in! Spring is on it's way. I heard my first frog last evening! I'll send some warm breezes your way.... Please send your north wind back to Canada :)