Monday, January 12, 2009

Sea Pine Forest Preserve

Lake Mary, at Sea Pine Forest Preserve, on Hilton Head Island, SC is one of our favorite spots to spend the day.

We bring the dogs, our cameras, my scope and most important.... my journaling supplies. The dogs get so excited as we make the turn into the Preserve. We head for the picnic table area off the Anhinga Trail and set up camp for the day. Since we don't have the type of dogs that can be 'off leash,' we bring their x-pen and their picnic carpet pads (no, they are not tooooo spoiled) so Rob and I can do our thing and the dogs can enjoy a snooze in the sunshine. The above journal page is from January 2006. We will be back in our favorite spot in a couple of weeks. I love returning to places and journaling. I love to see the changes and compare observations from season to season. You can really engrave favorite places into your heart this way. I hope the Brown Pelicans will be there. We usually hear a Barred Owl call. Perhaps this year we'll see it!


  1. Hi Pam,

    I can't help but ask: does your dog enclosure draw comments when you set it up, assuming that you do run into some other people? It seems to work well for both you and them. But I can't help but think that someone would mot be able to resist walking up and asking if these are a special type of dog that they are so 'spoiled.' We don't have dogs but if we did we'd have to consider your method.

    It was nice to see your egret drawings as well. It's been in the low teens here for last few days so the working outside is more than I can envision for myself for awhile. But is is nice to be able to see others get out.

  2. Hi Ken,
    Nice to hear from you. Actually it's been cold for here so I've had to dig thru old journal entries to post :)

    Our dogs, yes they are special and spoiled. We don't see many people at the forest preserve. But, when we were renting on Hilton Head Island, a few years back, we'd take the dogs to the beach with us and use the x-pen with it's sun cover :) Now there, we had so many people come up to see them, I ended up making a sketch of the dogs with their names and their breed.

    Growing up on a dairy farm, I'm used to dogs that hang around and don't have to be leashed. It has been difficult not to let Grizz and Dudley run. The first few years we had the dogs my legs suffered many a burn from the flexie leash cord! They would run circles around me (leash has 19' of cord) and tangle me up right proper.

    The breeder warned us not to ever let them run. They just follow their nose and pay no attention to anything. Moving vehicles are a Basenji's #1 killer. They don't listen either (very cat like). I brought them to obedience class and the instructor laughed at me........... But, somehow we've muddled thru owning these very special animals. We are well trained humans :)