Sunday, February 8, 2009

2009 Journaling

The weather has been so cold (for SC) that when we get a day off and it's warm enough, we've chosen to play golf. I don't mind as golfing has become a '2-fer' for me. The challenge of golf and the pleasure of journaling :) I must say the journaling and my new driver are really helping to reduce my handicap. Golf is such a mind game....... After 26 years of trying to play the silly game, I think I may be catching on!

Our first game of the New Year was a treat. We played with 2 women that were visiting from Germany. They were so fun! The phrase of the day was Oooo la la! They said it with such a great lilt in their voices. They also knew how to say s--t. Quite the all purpose word in golf. Their pronunciation sounded better though :)

January 22nd we broke our 55 degree rule. That will be the last time we do that! Tooooo cold. Saw lots of birds though :)
February 1st was still a tad chilly because of the wind but...... we saw 4 Osprey catching the thermals over the practice range. It's good to see them back once again.

Today was one of the 'special order' days. It's why we northerners love living in SC in the winter. Sunny, 74 degrees, a west, 10 mph breeze - perfect! I could do 365 days like today. Didn't see many birds though. We played Hilton Head National. They have 3 nines there, The Weed, The National and The Player. We played Weed and National today. It is sooooo beautiful. I highly suggest playing this course should you visit this area. There are lots of Fox Squirrels too!

I've only 10 blank pages left in this journal. It should last the rest of this year. What a joy it is to look back through our days of play. The art is somewhat whimsical and the type crooked but the memories warm my heart :)

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