Sunday, March 15, 2009


Spring is popping all over the place :) Today's dog walk on and around the boardwalk yielded lots of sights. In just the last couple of days, a lot more tree species are starting to pop. The bare deciduous landscape is now dotted with splashes of bright yellow green, grass green, mineral green, pink and red against stands of dark pines. I found a Highbush Blueberry in bloom, saw my first Common Yellowthroat warbler, listened to the sweet murmuring of a small flock of Cowbirds high in a tree, enjoyed antics of 2 Carolina Wrens, and was scolded by a Red-winged Black Bird that chose to mark his cattail territory too close to the boardwalk!

But, best of all, was my glimpse of the first dragonfly of the season :) I'm thinking it was a Darner as it was pretty big. But, alas, the dogs and I were going in the opposite direction of this winged wonder, so even a semi-accurate ID was impossible. I'm still smiling, anyway :)


  1. Wow you are sure ahead of us in the Finger lakes as you should be! A dragonfly - that is about 2.5 months away. The Red wing Blackbirds, Blue birds, are back but no Peepers yet. Unless you count the frog cookies I made for neighbors. The sap is flowing and it smells so sweet as we boil it down. Lots of road kill as well. Love reading about your spring arriving- it gives me hope on the frosty mornings.

  2. You had me laughing with the frog cookies :) I have fond memories of going to Cumming Nature Center in Naples, NY for their pancake breakfast with their famous maple syrup. Yum! Lucky you, you're making your own! I'll try and send some warm weather your way.