Friday, April 24, 2009

Common Nighthawks are back!

Last evening I heard the familiar frog like call of the Common Nighthawk and looked up just in time to see one performing its aeronautical flying display. I hope they are staying in our neighborhood and not just passing through.

This morning I saw a brave Mockingbird take on a Red-shouldered Hawk. The hawk flew in low over neighborhood houses and landed on a porch roof. It was surveying the ground below. A Mockingbird kept dive bombing the hawk. The hawk ducked but otherwise kept on with its backyard survey.


  1. Very nice drawing, Pam, both in rendering and in placement on the page!

    We haven't seen any Nighthawks here yet but I always seem to notice them when I do my Sunday night grilling. That is only minutes away so we'll see what we shall see.........

    I'm hoping to get my wife to take a look at your mystery flower from newest post once she gets off the phone. She may have some ideas. If she doesn't maybe I'll take a look at our penstemon while I'm out grilling and at least settle the square stem question..............

  2. Hi Ken,
    Thanks! Hope you enjoyed Sunday night's grill & dinner :)

    I'd love to hear any thoughts you both may have regarding the current wildflower. Always a fun mystery to solve :)