Monday, April 6, 2009

Workshops and Anniversary Preview

Spring is popping all around and so are my workshops. Attendance is down but that's just the way things are right now. I know I feel honored when folks choose to spend their hard earned dollars on my artwork and workshops. Thank you!

It feels like, at least blog wise, that I've fallen off the earth (my favorite expression when I'm so busy that communication with friends and family and blog suffers). Outside of preparing '08 income tax, my time has been filled with make-up workshops for the Sun City Art Club, a workshop I held at Jarvis Creek Park on Hilton Head Island, prep for the Nature Journaling Expanded Workshop, at the ever so lovely Spring Island, that I'm currently teaching and.... the design and completion of a project to celebrate Earth Day and this blog's 1 year anniversary. Here's a peak at one image......


  1. One of life's greatest crimes is that tax season comes at the beginning of spring, when there are so many better things to do!!

    I've finished two taxes and still have two smaller ones to do. Aren't I lucky that I get to do four?!

    But maybe it makes spring all the more enjoyable when you're finally able to throw off the shackles of taxes and get back outside.

    Good luck with all of your workshops.

  2. Thanks, Ken!
    And you are soooo right about the crime of tax time!
    I claim total artist's brain when it comes to bookkeeping, not to mention the fun this dyslexic gal has when using the calculator....... 'Tis a screamer :)

    May the tax gods be with you and your journey through the paperwork go smoothly so you too can get back to fun :)