Monday, June 8, 2009

A Trip to the Mail Box.....

Sometimes, this student of nature, just can't stick with her well- intentioned daily 'to do' list. But, how often do you run across a brave anole, that could give a rip about you being a zillion times bigger than he is, and just continues hunting bugs 2 inches from your toes? I ask you!?!

He was even good enough to stick around while I dropped the mail off in the house and grabbed my sketching supplies! There I was, sitting on the concrete driveway, trying to capture the essence of this lizard. I'd talk to him (yes, it's a male - he flashed his substantial throat fan, bobbed his head and did push-ups during this territorial dispute. They also display their throat fan during courtship.... no, I wasn't wearing my lizard outfit! Sorry, couldn't resist sick nature humor!)

This whole sketching exercise lasted 5 - 10 minutes. He moved far to quickly to stick with pencil and pen. Out came the waterbrush and travel set of watercolors. I'd load the waterbrush up with color and try to capture his body in one stroke. The legs were a bit problematic; he didn't seem to get the concept of the word 'stay!'

Of course, I had the best observations of the anole on my initial trip to the mail box. I think it's time to purchase a very small moleskin sketchbook to keep in my pocket!

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  1. Pam,
    I grew up in New Orleans. Lizards abounded all over our yard. We do not have many lizards in Tennessee. We do have the Blue-tailed Skink, very elusive critter. I miss the lizards of my youth. When we went to Puerto Rico, they were everywehre. I must get out my photos and draw some of them. I enjoyed your story about trying to have your brush catch up with "him."