Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conesus Sunset

Monday was the first real warm day this summer for the area. It was beautiful though a tad windy during the day on the lake. After dinner the wind calmed down. We enjoyed a colorful sunset. Two flocks of Canada Geese flew by and a couple of bats flew over the water near shore. I love to watch them hunt.

It was a perfect evening for a fire - a warm day but the damp evening air soon settled in after sunset. I know, we've become used to southern heat already. We're not hardy northerners anymore :)

Rob and I enjoyed the fire till midnight, making plans for how good he's going to feel after back surgery. The poor guy couldn't have any food from 8 pm on. His surgery was scheduled for 2 pm on Tuesday. They took him in a 4, I saw him again at 10. Long day but, all seems to be well. Now for recovery. A few days in the hospital and then I get to be nurse Johnson :)

Thanks to all for your prayers and support!! They mean so much!


  1. Glad to see that all went well. Hoping that continues to be the case. Sorry to hear you had such a late time to go in, that is tough.
    Monday was a gorgeous night! Kids noted yesterday that it has been an excellent cloud watching summer, optimism at work. Beautiful Sunset.

  2. Thank you! Love that optimism! Nature pulls us through every time.

  3. SO very glad things went well, Pam! I DO so enjoy your journaling!!

  4. Thanks, Lin. Rob's home now, went for a good walk this morning. It's like a cloud has lifted. WooHoo :)

  5. Happy, happy time to be feeling better. So glad it went well and you are back home. I have been thinking of you often. I am feeling great as well. We took a long weekend to Chattanooga where I set writing this. We are touring around and enjoying being outside before my next treatment cycle on Wednesday and back into the cave.

    It is beautiful here and I brought my sketching materials. Taking lots of reference photos for later work. Much good thoughts going your way! Judy

  6. Good to hear from you, Judy! Thought you had to be doing something good as I hadn't seen a post from you in a bit :)

    Rob walked a tad tooooo much on Saturday and paid for it Sunday, but is doing better today. I keep telling him small steps will win the race to recovery. Don't know if he buys it just yet :)

    Enjoy your time away. Look forward to seeing your new work!