Friday, July 24, 2009

The Waiting Game

We've all been there. Hurry up and.... wait. Or, the medical appointment dilemma " I'm sorry, the doctor is running behind." This is when my eyes twinkle, and all the interesting plants I saw on the way into the medical building blur my brain. "How far behind?" I ask.

Despite the time snag these 'waits' can cause, I've come to enjoy new found 'down time.' I know no better way to chill than with sketch book in hand. Yesterday was bonus day. Two different 'waits' :)


  1. Hi Pam! These are all so wonderful! I've tried several times to leave comments, but this is the first time that I could open up the comment box and it not blip out on me! LOL I LOVE seeing some of the South Carolina spots I so love thru your eyes!!! Wonderfully done --- expressive and filled with joy!

  2. Ahh yes- , my time is waiting for kids . . . . pick me up at 3 pm mom . . . . 3;30 they walk out . . . .
    UP here in WNY and going to MD's does not sound good.
    We certainly are having some yucky weather. Today we spent at Keuka lake and I must say the weather was better then projected. I saw a 3 legged Deer when out in the car this evening, made me wonder if it was born that way or an injury that it has survived?
    Enjoy the rest of your stay.

  3. Thank you Lin! I'm glad you can feel the joy of the moment. I've done my job :)

    Quiltin' Mama, Thanks for stopping by once again. I've missed your visits. Yes, we will be in NY for a bit. Rob's to have back surgery on Tuesday. We will be enjoying the finger lakes thru labor day at least.

  4. Pam,
    I see you are having time in doctor's offices and hospital, too. So sorry to hear. I have been getting together some photos of my "doctor office" journal and sketching kit. I want to post soon. There are a lot of us who spend time waiting, when we could be drawing if we could just tuck a little art kit in our purse. Yes? Judy