Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 Second Poses of our Doodle Bear, a.k.a. Dudley

Dudley sat still for the longest time. That is until I reached for my Moleskine. Then he really put me to work with 3 second poses. Finally I grabbed the camera :)

Here are our sweet fur kids enjoying the back of the docked pontoon boat. It was a picture perfect evening.


  1. I always love coming to look at your Blog!
    Beautiful art. I may not always comment ..but want u to know I love your work.

  2. Great to have found your blog and that you are in Bluffton. I will follow your blog and hope to see some in person when I return to Sun City in the fall. Presently am in Colorado with my daughter and busy painting the Rockys. Look forward to more posts

  3. Thank you, Pat! Lucky you, Colorado! I've fond memories of Bolder and Breckenridge. So wide open compared to the low country,