Sunday, August 16, 2009

Forgot to pack my Wildflower Guide!

I can remember the moment clearly. I was packing our suitcase and thinking I must not forget to throw my Roger Tory Peterson Wildflower guide in with my art supplies........ Really miss my scanner too.

So....... this is my unfinished journal page for today. Slightly out of focus with poor lighting. Grumble, grumble, grumble...

I had a lovely 2 hour nature break! The creek, which is usually dry this time of year, was gurgling away. How I love water music!
I see these flowers daily when I walk the dogs. I've one more plant to draw. It's a beauty so it'll get it's own page :)

Do you by chance know common and latin names of these plants? (you can get a slightly bigger, blurry image if you click on it) If so, please share. In the meantime, I'll try rephotographing and post a better image :) Many thanks!


  1. "Don't leave home without it!" Every time we travel, Lew says, do you really need all those field guides? Yes, I say, "What if I see a tree I need to know the name of?" AuaaHun... he says. Too bad they are so heavy, but usually the heavier the better the quality of the photos or drawings. Field guides are why they put wheels on suitcases, so Judy can carry all she thinks she might need on an over night trip. By the way how is your hubby? On the mend, I hope. Judy

  2. lovely sketching...I'll have a look again to see if I can find the latin names...and of course, the sound of water...wonderful!

  3. You have me laughing, Judy! Rob's doing quite well and will see the surgeon tomorrow for a progress report.

    Thanks for stopping by, Ronelle. I'm so enjoying your country home/sights!

  4. Purple- Deadly nightshade or climbing Nightshade
    Solanum dulcamara

    Jewelweed Spotted touch me not
    Impatiens capensis

    Beautiful drawing as always.

  5. You are a sweet heart!!! Thank you, C! Now I can finish my page :)

  6. You know my first reaction to the one drawing was Jewelweed. I'm glad Quiltin' Mama could ID it definitively.

    I know two things about Jewelweed: 1, Hummingbirds seem to love it; and 2, and I might be a bit off here, it's been known traditionally as an antidote for poison ivy rashes.

    We see a lot of it here in Philadephia, especially along water. A beautiful plant.