Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mystery Plant # 3

Crazy weather made for fast sketching. Glad I didn't attempt to camp out in front of this plant with supplies spread all over. Soon as I finished the right page, the rain came down hard - the first of many quick storms we've had today.

Okay, need another name. Quiltin' Mama, are you up for this one too? I hope, I hope :)


  1. Hi- Those other 2 I grew up knowing . . .This one looks like it might be in the Loosestrife family. Primrose family.
    Whorled loosestrife looks like it with a dotted red center.
    Swamp candles is another name for another related one. Open woods, forest edges and streams
    Lysimachia ______________ depending on the specific variety.
    What do you think?
    I am not quite sure but it is the only one that looks close.

  2. How great to have a resident plant consultant. Love the journal entry. Sorry the rain got you, but we sure need every drop we can get. Judy

  3. Carol, So far, when I google the names you gave me, I don't think it's in the Loosestrife family. The flowers are single and hang down like the globes do. Some one on Flickr suggested some type of abutilon but didn't find any photos that looked similar there either.
    Hmmmmmm, the mystery continues :)

  4. On Mystery #3 goggle Clammy Ground Cherry??? is it hairy like? This has a dropped bell shape flower but I have never seen it.

    I did not think that loofestrife could be really right as most were upright.

    Bottle Gentian was my latest mystery from up in the mountains. Off to Michigan next week- we'll see what new things we find there.

  5. It is a ground cherry :) Woo Hoo! Looks more like the 'smooth' variety - from what I'm reading it's in the nightshade family too!

    Safe travels to Michigan, Carol!