Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nightshade & Jewelweed

Thanks to blogging friend, Carol, I have names for my wildflowers/plants and...... a finished journal page! My heart is happy :)
Thanks, Carol :)


  1. Pam, This was a perfectly lovely drawing before all the titles and words. But your beautiful lettering and the detailed botanical information makes it an extraordinary journal page. I just love it. In fact I have printed it out to put in my 3 ring binder just for all the naturalist information and as a reminder about how the incorporation of words really enhance the layout of the drawings.

    By the way, what is the paper and what kind of paint? I like this idea of using the library rings to hold the pages together as a journal and then you can take them out to have the separate flat artwork. I have a drawer full of all sizes of library rings; you just never know when you might need one. Ho, ho.

    So glad the hubby is doing well. Hope he gets a good report.

  2. Wow, thank you Judy! The piece is actually only 5 x 7 but somehow I made it much bigger in photoshop. It's huge when you click on the image - oh well.

    I used Arches HP and Derwent watercolor pencils - even for the lettering. I made 2 hard covers for this journal. And, I do love it for the very reason you said.

    I can tell I'm not working on all cylinders as the J in jewelweed first looked like a T so I had to do some tweaking :) Hopefully I pulled it off!

  3. Yes, when I printed the page it was big, 8 x 11 full sheet. Yes you pulled it off. One of my favorites because of all the words.

  4. Thanks, Judy. Glad you got a copy of it. I resized it, later today, to be more like my other images. When I needed to add the flourishes, I thought of the wonderful accents i've seen on your work.

  5. Thank you for thinking of my stuff while you are working, very flattering. I am the queen of dots and squiggly lines. Comes from all the years of decorative painting.