Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watching Water Patterns

Last evening the lighting on the water was beautiful. Watching the patterns of moving water reminds me of classical music. Even better, I liken it to composing music. There are so many color layers (instruments), each adding their beauty to the whole. I try to watch each color, it's movement, in hopes of being able to recreate water's melody to flat paper.

I thought if I shot a short video of what I was so carefully studying, I could save this moment in time. So, imagine my surprise when I first re-played the below clip, that not only did I capture the water's patterns but Dudley halfheartedly singing to MASH's theme song in the background!

Just for the fun of it, one day I'll post a clip of our dog's full-hearted duet to MASH. One of life's joys :)


  1. I played this video for my husband. We both had a good guffaw. So cute. Great minds as they say, I just did a long post about my River Project I think you would like. In the post is a beautiful poem written by one of the high school students in our project about rivers. You will really appreciate the message it protrays. Water is a wonder and soothing thing…well when it behaves.

  2. Nah, the good guffaw comes when I can capture the duet :)

  3. The clip was a bit choppy but I did hear some of it~~too funny! Will we see this "Live" this weekend?? Can't wait~and don't let the dumb rain scare you~~we won't melt!

    Love, M