Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Western NY Summer Colors

Since arriving in NY I've been dying to get out and paint these roadside beauties. Chicory lines the rural roadsides. I'd love to see it cultivated in rows. It would be the Finger Lakes version of the wonderful lavender fields of France.

Queen Ann's Lace is so abundant I'm tempted to paint a scene similar to Monet's poppy fields and title it Monet's QAL :) Time for this girl to be silly...

The yellow wildflower/weed is a mystery to me. It has a dandelion like flower, multiple flowers on the tall stems and I've seen different plant structures. Need to get home to my reference library.

I did this quick watercolor sketch in my Auwabee sketch book. The paper wrinkled a bit, thus the dull uneven colored background. I don't have my scanner with me and I'm winging it with a small digital camera.


  1. Does the Chicory really grow wild next to the road? We have Cosmos lining our country roads, beautiful fields of pink, white and purple stretching for miles. Your sketch is lovely and thank you for joining my sites. I'm a great admirer of your art and just love your Hatchlings series.

  2. Yes! I should take a photo - if I dare stop on these narrow roads as regulars drive so fast on them.

    Love Cosmos. They plant them in the medians of our major highways. I can only imagine them in fields. Must be breathtaking!