Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Inset Update - Cheraw

Making slow progress on my painting with my crazy out-of-the-studio schedule.  I should have a full day tomorrow, though.  I'll be able to finish the boardwalk into the woods and hopefully the third inset which is another view of Lake Juniper, this time from the golf course's 18th fairway.

Friday.......  it's off to Savannah College of Art & Design as it's time for their annual Art Material Trade Show.  Yummy!  Yes, I'm braving a trip into Savannah.  Rob's driving and I've got my my mapquest directions - you know I always get lost in that city!

P.S. The addition of music to this blog is to celebrate the upcoming Harvest Moon :)


  1. It's looking delicious so far :) Ah, Savannah is one place I hope to see in the future. My favorite place so far has to be Charleston, South Carolina (I always feel at home as soon as I see Spanish moss on the live oak trees), but I've heard Savannah is a wonderful place to visit.

  2. Thanks, Rhonda!

    Savannah is a fun city to tour. Yesterday's trade show was unbelievable!! I will stash $ away for next year's show - almost 1/2 price on everything!!