Sunday, September 27, 2009

Setting Up To Paint Cheraw

This is my painting area in the garden room.  I normally don't have my computer here, but decided it would be great to view the images, I want to use as references, on the screen versus printing them out.  They have so much more dimension on the LCD screen.

Yes, it's time to start the painting for the Cheraw State Park Aritist in Residence Program. Well, I'll be honest - it's way over due!  I hauled all my art supplies to NY hoping to have finished it and the painting for the dog sitter (we bartered). If you've been following this blog you know I barely had time to sketch!

I've decided to focus on Lake Juniper. The piece will be 16 x 20 and have a multi-image theme and include calligraphy like my Birders Journal Series paintings. Cheraw State Park has so many beautiful areas to paint, I just couldn't settle on one image :)

 Here is the general layout. I try to have somewhat of a design in place before I begin to paint. I know there will be twists and turns once I begin to put paint to paper but, that's OK. Then there is always the big question. Do I start with the large background image or play with the small fussy insets? The insets won.  

I've already made a change in the original layout.  I decided to let one of the Yellow Trumpet Pitcher-plant fall over into another inset. I've no idea at the moment how I will handle the area behind the plant....... It's rather like writing a book. The outline serves as a jumping off point. Books and paintings take on a life of their own. I hang on for the wild ride :)


  1. What a wonderful, full-of-light area to paint Pam! And inspirational being at the window as well (although I would find many things to distract me, like every bird going by). What is the Cheraw State Park Artist in Residence program? Sorry if I've missed a previous explanation, will try and look for it.

  2. Thanks for the peak into your process! It is amazing how our work does take on a life of its own once we start. Hope you share it with us as you go along. lovely space you have to work in!

  3. Thanks, Maree. For more Cheraw info check the right column, under labels.

    Thanks, Elizabeth. I've not recorded a paintings progress before, it's fun!

  4. Beautiful area in which to paint and I really like the composition you have with the insets adding extra visual oomph to the painting. Looking forward to seeing this one come together.

  5. Thanks, Rhonda! It seems you and I have a love for multiple images....... I peeked at your blog :)

    And, wow! Your latest in on Yupo - brave girl. I love yupo for feather paintings must must admit trying to lay down color and building up layers takes lots of patience. I do like working with water soluble wax pastes on it, though. I can get bold and dark right away.

  6. Thanks, Pam. I'm so glad I found your blog through the nature sketchers blog :) I'm going to experiment more with yupo this fall - I have some scrap pieces and think I'll just play with various mediums. I'll remember to pull out the watercolor crayons and Inktense, etc. :)