Friday, October 30, 2009

Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival

This year's festival was great! I made this sketch early on Saturday. Within a half an hour I couldn't see across the street! Everyone was in a festive mood and..... they brought their wallets :) Mind you, the majority of purchases were smaller but, it was so wonderful to see a few good sized paintings being carried. Perhaps we've seen a turn in the economy?

Dogs were dressed in Halloween costumes - I have to say seeing tutus on dogs was....... way too silly. The poor dogs!!!

This was my booth set up.  I took advantage of extra large spaces and a slim chance of showers for Saturday.  Here in Bluffton, a 40% chance of showers, for the most part, means no rain.  Now, if we were in western NY, it would have rained all day :)  The first year we were down here I'd always change outdoor plans when the forecast called for a 40% chance of rain.  Silly me!

Festivals are great for watching people.  I don't often take pictures of them but, this family won the show stopping prize.  I titled this first photo....

                                                        And, then there were three....
                     I bet next year, the Little Miss will be in the big wagon.  What do you think?

                                                            Yup, a show stopper :)


  1. How fun the festival was a hit and people bought art. Very cute photo, and of course, love your sketch!

  2. What a wonderful experience Pam! And a bonus that paintings were sold too. Your booth looks lovely and it's a gorgeous little sketch.

  3. This sounds so much like our Hyde Park show with everyone walking their dogs and kids :) Glad there were some sales - your booth looks great and what a fun day it must have been.

  4. Thanks, Lisa, Maree & Rhonda! I do love festivals and getting 'out' of the studio. I'm still glowing with the fun (forgetting about all the lugging, setup and tear down though).

  5. Loved the wagon family . . reminds me of a family I saw last night The dad was Dr. Suess and in his wagon he had Thing 1 and Thing 2 both Toddlers about 12-15 mos apart maybe less. They were a very cute Halloween family.