Saturday, October 10, 2009

Off to Sea Pines

It was more than time to soak up the ocean air. While our quick trip to the beach was just a couple of hours long, it sure was a shot in the arm. We saw large pods of dolphin, 2 Osprey displaying stealth hunting tactics, a few Royal Terns, and my favorite..... Brown Pelicans. I so love how they skim the water when they glide.

I decided to decorate the corners of the illustration box with Sanderlings. We only saw four. There has been a dramatic decline of shorebirds on the island's beaches as Hilton Head has become a vacation mecca. Too, as dogs do not, during the fall/winter seasons, need to be leashed on the beaches, shore birds no longer have access to their once undisturbed habitat during this crowded time period. Although our local Audubon chapter does its level best to inform and educate, the vacationing masses seemingly don't give a hoot.

The above was my view to the right.  Reality to the left


  1. Sad commentary on how the masses want to flock to the ocean side but don't really appreciate the real beauty of it. What is that about our culture? When we canoed a lot I was always mystified to see beer and soda cans, fast food wrappers and mounds of trash along the shore thrown out from the canoes in front of us. What a paradox. I don’t understand it.

  2. Me either, Judy! Glad you dropped by. Hope all is well on your end.

  3. "Beautiful" is just the right word for this lovely piece of art. You are so very talented! I love that you use your talent to create beautiful pieces on the subject of nature. Keep creating always! Peace to your heart, Sara

  4. Wow, Sara, you found an old post! Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely words. I will surely try :) Peace right back at you!