Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shine On, You Harvest Moon

Here I thought I'd be plein air sketching the Harvest Moon in my own yard, but instead Rob and I were able to spend a lovely evening with our friends, Kate and Don, at their home on the May River.

Kate and I sat on the swing that hangs under a giant pine while I did initial sketches with my micron pen.  It was rather like blind contour drawing, as the shade of the pine blocked out a lot of the moon's glow. First we tried to catch the view from their dock, but the no-see-ums were thick - couldn't run back to shore fast enough!

I made two sketches from this location then added watercolor washes while we sat on their porch, enjoyed good company and fruit of the vine. The river glowed with moonlight.

There was not much light on the porch when I added color so I tweaked both sketches today. Here are the before and after sketches.

Thank you, friends!  As always, we so enjoyed our time with you!


  1. No-see-ums! How can that make me homesick? Well it did! Beautiful work.

  2. I enjoy visiting your blog. I like the way you took photos at different stages of development. It helps me with my art development and is extremely interesting. Always look forward to your next work posted to see what is in your creative brain.

    Good luck with your upcoming booth. I hope you take photos to share. When my mom lived with me before she went into the nursing home we did lots of festivals and shows, for example the Dogwood Art festival in Knoxville and some here in Nashville. Mostly her stuff...she sewed and I helped. So great to do art with my mom. She passed away several years ago. I still miss her and her creative juices an her encouragement. I think I need to do a blog entry or several about her.

  3. Thank you, Connie. Glad I could stir your memory banks :) There was no breeze on the river. I couldn't believe how thick the no-see-ums were!!

    Judy, thank you so. I think a tribute to your Mom would be great. My mom has been gone 12 years, 11 for my dad. Mom taught me how to sew and always made things so special. I get my 'go-for-hours' energy from her and my creative streak from my dad.
    Ahh, such good memories!