Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Southeast Seashore Animals - A Still Life

I'm getting excited about this weekend's Bluffton Arts & Seafood Fest Fine Art Show. In celebration of this event my bird and wildflower paintings will be hanging out (no pun intended) with sea animals :) Nothing like branching out!

While my Blue Crab piece frames up to 12 x 10 inches, the Shells come in at a whopping 25 x 30 inches. This piece ought to grab some attention - at least I hope so!!


  1. Wow this is beautiful Pam! There's no way your work won't be noticed. Good luck at the show this weekend!

  2. I have not visited in over a week. Been under the weather with bronchitis and fatigue. But I am finally feeling a little better. I just love your last few entries. I am wishing you so much luck in your festival. I would love to have some of the Blue Crab cards, let me know where you put them for sale. Growing up in New Orleans, I have sketched them often and of coure they are mighty tasty. The sea shells are just wonderful. And your big painting from this summer is coming along great. Take care, Judy