Sunday, November 1, 2009

Swamp or Narrowleaf Sunflower

Last week, I finally found a semi-quiet road where I could pull over to stop and quickly pick a stem of these sunflowers. The top flowers started to wilt the next day! Guess they don't like tap water!

I used Derwent pastel pencils that I've had for years but never realized they are water soluble!!!!! I like the painterly effect. I did the calligraphic type with traditional watercolors using a rigger brush. The rest of the body copy was written with a Micron 005 pen. 


  1. Lovely sketch Pam. Am also going to try putting more script into my sketches, if you don't mind! Regards

  2. Thanks Marie! Do try adding calligraphy. For me it's all part of the therapeutic process. Of course my practice script seems to turn out better than when I apply it to the page - just like golf..... great on the practice range then ever so challenged on the course!

  3. Beautiful page - those Derwents worked out great! I am a bit "script challenged" but enjoy the interaction of words and images once they finally get together. I love your pages.