Sunday, November 1, 2009

Canada Geese II

Canada Geese II Rob and I went to Beaufort yesterday. Pat Conroy was having a book signing at the Beaufort Book Store. Afterwards, we journeyed over to the Cross Creek shopping plaza for an ice cream at Brewsters. The plaza has a small pond where we saw Canada Geese a few weeks ago. I needed a CG fix and was hoping they would be there. Success!!

We put our chairs in the shade of a live oak and ate our ice cream while we watched a flock of 50 -75 geese swim, preen and sleep.

The geese were about 100 feet away. A Mom and her 2 children came walking by with a bag from the nearby sub shop. They pulled out part of a left over roll, broke it into pieces and started throwing them toward the geese. WOW!!! We were surrounded! And, there I was, ice cream melting all over the place so I couldn't take advantage of the action.

Luckily, a few geese hung around after the feeding frenzy so I could get some quick poses down. I sketched in my small moleskine using a Micron pen and watercolor pencils.


  1. Great sketch :) These ubiquitious birds take over places - any lake or bit of water - here. They have even taken over the open area created from the city tearing down 2 buildings and reseeding the ground. It's a beautiful, open, green space and holds water so the drainage isn't that good. The geese love to congregate there.

  2. Thanks, Rhonda. The geese can take over and make a mess but I love them so :)

  3. Pam, these are wonderful! Captured just perfectly in line, shape and color! Makes me homesick (Iowa)...