Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Sketches Between Rain showers

Crazy weather today. Started off partly cloudy, warm and a tad muggy. Then around 3:30 the skies turned real dark. A little rain fell but certainly not much for how threatening the sky looked. The sun graced us once again, then another quick shower.

I can't believe how much I've been sketching the last few days. Perhaps it's because I finally purchased a Moleskin. I chose a 3 x 5 with regular sketch paper. I think I'm wishing I had purchased the watercolor paper Moleskin, as the paper is a tad thin. But, it is holding up well with watercolor pencils and the Niji waterbrush. I love the way the Micron pen ink flows across the surface. I'm only working on one side of the paper, though, as I think images will show through the back side.

I'm designing a purse/sketch supply carry bag. If I could figure out how not to carry a purse I would. I've always hated having to tote one.

I have some old jean material at home to work thru my design. Then, once snags are worked out, I'm thinking of using a cordova type fabric for the back/bottom (waterproof) and ultra suede for the front (so it can look halfway feminine). I've some scraps of handwoven material, from my weaving days, tucked away too. Perhaps I can utilize some for the purse/tote flap.

This will be my fall project as we will be in NY most likely through Labor Day. Rob's having back surgery Tuesday. Probably another reason for so many sketches. As I mentioned before - it's the best way I know how to chill :)