Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conesus Sunset

Monday was the first real warm day this summer for the area. It was beautiful though a tad windy during the day on the lake. After dinner the wind calmed down. We enjoyed a colorful sunset. Two flocks of Canada Geese flew by and a couple of bats flew over the water near shore. I love to watch them hunt.

It was a perfect evening for a fire - a warm day but the damp evening air soon settled in after sunset. I know, we've become used to southern heat already. We're not hardy northerners anymore :)

Rob and I enjoyed the fire till midnight, making plans for how good he's going to feel after back surgery. The poor guy couldn't have any food from 8 pm on. His surgery was scheduled for 2 pm on Tuesday. They took him in a 4, I saw him again at 10. Long day but, all seems to be well. Now for recovery. A few days in the hospital and then I get to be nurse Johnson :)

Thanks to all for your prayers and support!! They mean so much!