Sunday, February 28, 2010

Full Snow Moon

I'm so happy that the day's cloudy sky cleared and I was able to continue my full moon series :)

The bonus was going to our friends, Kate & Don's, house for dinner.  Love the moonlight on the May River!!

Kate and I dressed for the wind/cold and sat out on their dock for a half hour while I captured the scene.  I used my old book light to help me see the paints in my small travel palette.  This really made a difference.

The night sky was so much darker than the other full moon nights.  Perhaps the lack of clouds and the angle of the moon?

I missed January's full moon due to rain.  I did get a photo of rain drops on our front tree's limbs.  Not quite what I had in mind though :)


  1. Beautiful rendition of the Snow Moon Pam! Our full moon was rather uninteresting this time round, so no sketching!

  2. Pam, had to jump over and see your painting when it showed up on my blogroll - beautiful full moon and water! I don't know which I am more amazed at - the moon and sky or those golden lights you've captured and kept so clean and glowing...that, and your dedication to doing this in the cold with a book light to help you see!!

  3. Thank you Green Gal!

    Maree, Thanks! I have this mission to capture a years worth of moons. And, now that I'm hooked, probably more :)

    Rhonda, Ahh those pesky little lights :) I ended up using white out then coloring over them with colored pencil! (in the comfort of my studio) Hey, anything that works :)

    The book light was great. I was tempted to get a head lamp but one blogger said the light was welded in so he couldn't change the bulb!!

  4. Hi Pam, you have been awarded the SUNSHINE AWARD for "Creativity and Positivity in Blogging" - please check award details here :



  5. Maree, Thank you so much!! I'm blushing :) Wow!!

  6. wow- that is a spectacular painting!
    It was very cloudy up here, not good moon viewing. Lots of snow pack right now but a little green here and there as it melts. A flock of 16 robins last week before all the big snow.

  7. I was looking at this watercolor last night but no time to leave a comment, so I had to come back and say I am so taken with this painting. It brings me right there, I can feel that moonlight. Beautiful!

  8. Carol, Thanks!! Wow, you got Robins the same time we did!! They must be hardy to chance NY this early :)

    Thank you, Ann! The reflection on the water almost hurt our eyes, it was soooo bright!

  9. Pam, you captured the moonlight beautifully! Love the sense of darkness all around and the brilliant reflections on the water.

  10. Thank you, Krista! I used Arches bright white HP paper. I like the bright white much better than the natural for moon work. Next moon I'm going to try the CP version.

  11. Thank you Journal Challenge! Your blog looks like fun! What a great way to keep your journaling going :)