Monday, February 1, 2010

January Low Country Day

Dog Walk Highlights
It has been such an unusually long, cold winter in the low country that I've not done any plein air journaling in several weeks.  In my semi-frustration with the weather (can't get too frustrated when I see what the rest of the country is experiencing) I decided the bleak winter landscaped must offer something that would spark my interest.  The camera was put into my pocket

We drove the golf cart (sides down of course - the dogs hate the cold) up to the golf course.  Rob headed to the practice green, the dogs and I made our way down to the boardwalk trail.  The swamp is so dismal this time of year.  I beefed up the colors :)

Song birds were flitting about in the wooded area before the swamp.  Titmouse, Carolina Wrens, Cardinals, and very quick Warblers.  I 'pished' for a bit to see if any birds would come in closer but, as good as the dogs were, my feathered friends decided to ignore me.

A little farther down the boardwalk I happened to catch site of a wee bird landing on top of a nearby dead tree.  It climbed around to the back side and as I made my way along the boardwalk I was able to see it quickly duck into a hole.  I never did see the entire bird again.  It was busy making room in its new nest.  I'm thinking it's a Brown-headed Nuthatch but I'll need to visit the trail again to confirm.

I usually see Resurrection Ferns growing on Live Oak branches, but lately I've noticed they will grow in the most amazing places.  Today I saw them on a dead tree that still had some bark left on it.  The bark was moss laden and the ferns were starting to dry up.  If I went back today, I'd see 

them 'resurrected' in full glory.  We've had lots of rain... just what they require to come back to life.


  1. Yes, with our 5 inches of snow on the ground in our yard and being trapped in the house, we are very jealous of your walk along the boardwalk. We finally got out today even if was to go to the hospital for my CT-Scan. I have been way too long in looking at your blog. Enjoyed my tour. Judy

  2. Soooooo good to hear from you!! We must talk live!
    I'll try this week. Healing prayers to you :)

  3. I like this, especially that long boardwalk! When I'm out in the car, I look around and think - brown, brown, brown and gray :( I'll be so glad to see spring coming in another month or so.

  4. Me toooooooo! Blah, blah, blah colors!! So much more appreciated is the spring :) Thanks, Rhonda!

  5. Nice journal page, Pam!

    We're having long wet, grey days (and days) of rain down here and I have to say that winter has worn out its welcome.

  6. More rain here too. Good thing I've lots of indoor projects :)

  7. I feel like I've had a mini-tour of your boardwalk! Your layouts are always so interesting and harmonious - love the little insets. Resurrection fern is one of my favorites.

  8. Thanks, Elizabeth!! I'm glad you stopped by :)