Monday, March 29, 2010

Full Worm Moon • Full Crow Moon

Just a slight red/orange halo around the full moon this evening.

The Farmer's Almanac had wonderful information about March's full moon.

Besides being know as the Full Worm Moon and the Full Crow Moon, another Native American name is Full Crust Moon as the snow would thaw by day, then freeze overnight forming a crust.

One more name..... Full Sap Moon. Yes! It's time to tap the Maple Trees :) Isn't this a lovely time of year? :)

Early settlers also called it a Lenten Moon, the last full moon of winter.

I tried Canson Edition paper recommended by Ann of Blue Bird Hill.  Thanks, Ann.  I really like the soft feel and it accepts watercolor very well.  I shall be purchasing more for sure.


  1. Full worms? Full crows? Crows full of worms????

    Gorgeous art, and it was a beautiful night! Great capture!

  2. Thanks, Laure! All kinds of spring things going on for this moon. It's a happy spring moon :)

  3. Interesting facts about the moon Pam. Love the new blog look. I'm so glad blogger is changing it's look for us.

  4. I'm glad you like the paper! I have really been enjoying Canson Edition in my journals and may eventually even try some larger works on it. It also comes in various colors which I like.

    Your sketch is so wonderful and the info about the names of the full moons is fascinating to me. I love those palmettos!

  5. I have just discovered yours and several other blogs on sketching in nature and making your own sketch books,....I love your blog and will be back!!

  6. Thanks, Ann! Oooo, colors available too? Yum!

    Say It In Color, Thanks for stopping by and do hope to hear from you again!

  7. I think you plant your seed potatoes during the full moon of March too. Nice write up. I love your new header.

  8. I love all of your moon paintings and this is no exception :) Beautifully rendered. What a great treat to see them all matted, framed and hanging together :) And you know I'll have to do something with that Full Crow Moon title :) Just catching up after being away for a week, taking photos of Spanish Moss, rolling waves and lots of birds.

  9. Hi Rhonda :) I'm hoping you do :) You were so on my mind when writing this :)