Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Nature Joys

Today  was wildlife day. We had beautiful 80 degree, sunny weather and saw an eagle, red-shouldered hawk, laughing gulls, pie-billed grebe, common moorhen, lots of cardinals and blue birds and..... dragon flies - the first of the season for me.  One was a Saddlebag, the others perhaps Emeralds.

About a month ago, I met a couple on the Cypress Boardwalk, while walking the dogs.  They asked if I'd seen a blue jay hanging around.  Actually, I'd never seen one along the trail.  Apparently, this jay was quite friendly and would visit with them and sit on their shoulders! They called him Charlie.

Tonight, on the sidewalk just before the trail, I heard a load squawk and looked up into a cut-back Crepe Myrtle tree and saw a blue jay!  It kept talking to me and I realized this must be Charlie.  As soon as I said its name he flew to a branch right by my head!  The dogs were good and Charlie and I chatted :)  What a treat!


  1. Very cool Pam. Your knowledge astounds me!

  2. What a beautiful jay, I hope you meet him again and he keeps talking to you... maybe he'll pose for a sketch. What fun.

  3. Well, how fascinating! I've never heard of a tame blue jay. :)
    I LOVE your blog, btw!

  4. For several years I had a blue jay that would sit on a tree limb next to a window, peer into my house, and "loudly fuss" when the bird feeders were empty! As long as the feeders were full he never did this! Aren't animals amazing?!