Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Verizon Heritage Golf Tournament Time Again

Tuesday was practice day for the golf pros.  Rob and I arrived late morning and immediately went to one of our favorite spots on the Harbour Town Golf Links - the convergence of #2 green, #3 tee, #6 green and #7 tee.

This year I parked myself behind the #7 tee box and watercolor sketched (no pencil) the par 3 scene. Then I concentrated on getting autographs from favorite golfers :)  I print their names near their signatures because, as you can see, they all write like doctors :)

Today was the Pro Am.  This time we sat near #8 green.  I was just starting this watercolor sketch when Matt Kuchar came along.  He was the first to autograph today.

I love being able to converse with the players.  The atmosphere is so relaxed.

Back again tomorrow - maybe I'll try putting people in my sketches!!  :)


  1. LOVE the autographs! What a unique way to capture the memories of the day! Lovely Pam!

  2. Been having problems getting your site to load for me - it's working today so I'm catching up!! Love the idea of doing your watercolor sketches and then having the players sign over that - too cool!! Do they ask about your artwork or are they rushed with people/signing?