Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charlie Jay

The dogs and I were blessed again by a visit from Charlie, the Blue Jay.

Out of the woods he flew to a sign post not 3 feet away.  I greeted him warmly and tapped my shoulder to see if he'd perch there.  Charlie tried, but I had a hat on and it fumbled his attempt.

I happened to have my camera with me.  The dogs somehow know when they need to be real quiet.  I managed to get a few pics - even though some are not quite focused properly.

I then held out my hand and up he flew and perched right on my forearm.

I sooooooo wanted a picture of this but would have had to drop the dog's flexi leashes.....Not!   

A couple in a golf cart drove slowly up and stopped to see the fun.  At that time, Charlie took up his post perch.  But when I called him to my hand again, up he flew..... much to the delight of the on lookers :)


  1. How enchanting!

    And how exactly do you come to have a lovely blue jay perch on your arm?!

  2. Hi Laure,
    I think Charlie was raised by people. He surely is not shy! I just held out my hand and called him like a dog :) I wish I could run across the couple that told me about him this spring. The hadn't seen him around and were worried.

    Charlie seems on the small size for a Blue Jay. Perhaps he was knocked out of the nest and saved by a good hearted soul :)

    He sure makes my day!

  3. What a lovely interaction. I'm so glad you had your camera with you! I always love seeing your beautiful nature illustrations.

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Kate, and for your kind words.

  5. Very totally cool. Never had a BLue jay even close to that. Stopped in to Wild Wings yesterday, always so cool to see the great wilds up close.
    Sweet Rocket, Locust trees all in bloom- like 2 weeks early. Enjoy Charlie . . .

  6. Hi Carol! Good to hear from you. Charlie is wonderful treat :)

    Wow, 2 week early! You've been having temps in the 80's - hopefully no more snow :)

  7. Thanks, T J C. Glad you stopped by :)

  8. Another example of the individuality of each sentient being! Lucky you that Charlie is so comfy with you - it speaks highly of you!

    You are invited to help launch

    the Spirit of the Gulf Challenge —

    You're listed with other folks at bottom of post. Hope you can join in!!


  9. Suzanne, thanks for your comment and YES! Thank you so for inviting me to partake!