Monday, May 17, 2010

Early May Sketches

 On the north end of Hilton Head Island is a lovely place called Jarvis Creek Park.  I like to visit and sketch the pond and it's surroundings.

There is a dock for fishing with big signs saying 'Do not feed the alligators.' In fact, these signs are posted all along the shoreline.  No fresh water swimming in the low country for sure!

I chose to sit on the dock and while making a watercolor pencil sketch of the far shore, a Cormorant flew in and perched about 10 feet to the right.  I love urban wildlife.  They've become used to we humans and know when to trust.

I had to capture the moment and chose a Koh-i-noor Magic pencil.  What fun to have all those colors in one colored pencil!

The day after Jarvis Creek was the 'Day at the Beach' field trip I conducted for past workshop attendees.

We arrived to overcast and foggy conditions.  You could barely make out the far shore across Port Royal Sound.  The top sketch is a demo on how I would handle a bleak, foggy landscape with watercolor pencils.

Eventually, the fog and clouds lifted making for quite a different scene.  I tried to tie to two sketches together with borders and type, but overall I'm disappointed with the page.  Sometime I'm more concerned with the demo itself and not how it relates to the page.  Note to self:  think about all elements first! :)

On the way home I paid a visit to Old South Golf Links.  This is the view from the club house porch.

There are usually lots of Egrets, Herons, Anhinga and Cormants on the shoreline but not today.  The back blur on the left is a grouping of 3 Anhinga that flew in toward the end of my visit.  I did see an Osprey fly over but no Red-shouldered Hawk this time.


  1. a well journaled life is better than a good book full of photos alone! your work is free and inspiring to look at!

    well done!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  2. Thank you Carmelina! The memories last so much longer when you sketch them :)