Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Full Strawberry Moon

I rebelled from the business of moving long enough to capture the first full moon at our new home.  As it rose over the trees it looked more like the Great Pumpkin.....

June's full moon is named in honor of the Strawberry. The short season and harvesting of this yummy fruit occurs in June.  In Europe it's call the Rose Moon.

Sorry for the blurry image.  We're once again in NY and my scanner's at home.  I'm just now getting time to post.  I've missed my time away from blog land :)


  1. Aaaaw, I missed full moon this time round, lovely sketch PJ. I've been wondering what has happened to you, but I've just read about your move - I agree, far is better! A couple of years ago we moved just 1.5 kilometers and it took days of carting! Hope you enjoy your new space!

  2. Good to hear from you, Maree! Yes, I feel like I fell off the planet for a bit. Slowly getting back :)

  3. I was beginning to wonder if we needed to send out the calvary! I too missed your post about the move. Congrats on the new home and on being there. Short distance moves are tough.

    Lovely sketch and I too missed the full moon this time around! Lovely name for it though.

  4. Thanks, Laure! The thought of the calvary coming around the bend makes me smile. Thanks for the moral support!

  5. I was missing your posts, too, and wondered if the aliens rose up out of that lake and abducted you - if they did, hope they took you somewhere cool!! Too hot here, for sure, and we're not even in the south, really.
    Glad to see you posting and hope you get more time soon.

  6. Good to hear from you, Rhonda! I think an alien visit could have been more fun :) I can't wait to start reading all I've missed with your blog. All I've been able to do is breeze thru tiny thumbnails. They look reallll good :)