Saturday, July 10, 2010

Skullcap and Out of Practice

In April, I discovered my first Skullcap.  A delicate mass of blooms upon a single stem.  I snipped the top off of one stem and took it home to sketch.

I was pleased with the sketch and waited (not patiently) for time to add words.

I am saddened that  last week I did not honor the sketch and take my time with the calligraphy.  My spacing is all wrong and the 'P' is totally lost behind the stem and leaf.

I must put the frustration involved with moving aside and get back to my meditative calligraphic self.  I hate when I dishonor the gift of art.


  1. Pam, you know yourself and what you are capable of doing so yes, this isn't one of your best, but don't get too down on yourself. It's still a good fact, I think you should play up that circle of the P curving around the stem of the flower a bit more...make it intentional :) You're just a bit out of practice, as you say. But I'll be watching you as you get back into the flow of things - and am glad you are happy in your new homeplace!

  2. Thank you so, Rhonda! Good point on the P. I think that's what irritated me the most is that the line of type running up the right side of the flowers was already in place so the P had to stay squished :) Oh well, it will be used as an example in a workshop in a discussion about thinking before putting pen to paper :)

  3. You're so hard on yourself! I actually really like the illustration and the design of the page. Your lettering is usually quite good!

  4. Lisa, I sure was in a moving funk! Thanks for your support.